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Year Work
1966    Arietta (An album of early pieces for organ)
1968 Variations on "Dafydd y Garreg Wen" "David of the White Rock" (An album of early pieces for organ)
1970 Carillion (Version 1)
Fanfare (An album of early music for organ)
1973 Prelude,Invocation and Passacaglia (Mors et Resurrectionem)
1976 Prelude, Aria and Passacaglia
1979 Carillion (Version 2)
1980 Aubade
1982 Fantasia on an Easter Hymn
1987 A Little March for Neen Sollars (An album of early pieces for organ)
1989 Verset on "The Silver Wheat"(An album of early pieces for organ)
1996 Variations on a Silesian melody.
1998 Images of Leonin
Meditation on a theme of Thomas Ravenscroft
Variations on a Finnish Hymn
1999 The Bells of St Anne's
In Praise of Sweelinck
L'organo magnifico di Pantalone
2000 Concerto for Organ and Piano
2001 Prelude and Fugue in G minor "The Transylvanian" ( re-named Prelude and Fugue in G minor "The Phantasmagorical")
Mr Snetzler's March (Manuals only)
2002 Solemn Prelude on the Hymn tune "Hereford"
2003 Introduction and Grand Concert Variations on a Hymn Tune by Sir Arthur Sullivan - The not-so-young persons guide to the organ ( now re-named Sir Arthur's guide to the organ)
2004 Jubilation
Skovgaard Frescoes Vols 1 - 5
2005 A Smart Extravaganza
Portraits of Sebald
2006 Epitaph for Dom Alan Rees
La Grande Symphonie Celèbre de Monsieur L.J.A.-( The famous Symphony of Mr L.J.A.)
2007 An Elf in my Bonnet
O Lux Beata Trinitas
Mystical Vision
2008 The Archangel of the Judgement./i>
2009 Praeludium (Prelude) to the Langwasser Cantata
Herr Scheidemann's Delight
On from Vézelay
2010 Diddlebury Chimes
Toccatina for the Flute "a la Widor"
Mr W.T.Best's Grand Symphony of Liverpool
2010 A Grand American Fantasy(Toccata on the "Star-Spangled Banner") ( Four American Pieces- Edward MacDowell) ( March: "Golden Jubilee" - J.P.Sousa)
2011 Toccata in F minor/major - Jules Grison (arrangement)
1st Grand Sonata in D minor Op.3 - Otto Dienel (arrangement)
2nd Grand Sonata in G minor Op.11 - Otto Dienel (arrangement)
3rd Grand Sonata in F major Op.18 - Otto Dienel (arrangement)
4th Grand Concert Sonata in D major Op.32 - Otto Dienel
"Weinachts Sonate" - "Christmas Sonata" (arrangement)
2012 Reflections on "Ar Hyd y Nos" ("All throught the night")
A Grand Fantasia on the Welsh Hymn Tune: "Cwm Rhondda"
A Celebration of St Denio
2013 A Dorset Divertimento
A Shropshire Organ Book
2014 Johann Sebastian Bach - transcriptions
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - transcriptions
Diddlebury Pieces - Volume 1
2015 Diddlebury Pieces - Volume 2
Praise, my soul
The Way to Montréal - suite
Mystical Vision 2 - Intermezzo
Toccata on "O Filii et Filiae"
Canon in D - Pachelbel - transcription